I'M GOIN' SLOW (The Turtle Song)

I wrote this song when I was getting ready to go to a recording session and realized I was
early and I had a lot of time to kill before the session. So, as usual I got into a "think and
go do" mode, doing odd jobs and, looking at the time once in a while. I got in the shower and,
realizing I could really take my sweet time getting ready, I imagined being a turtle and having
no stress whatsoever, just going at as slow a pace as I chose.

I got this rhythm in my head and, hearing a water drum as the groove, the music and lyrics
came to me at the same time. I quickly went to the piano and worked out the whole piece in
about 10 minutes. I was so excited I sang the song over and over and, by the time I knew it,
I was running late! So, I got in the car and raced to the recording session, barely making it on
time. I thought, if I would have just left early, I could have continued being a turtle and have
no stress. Instead, I became the rabbit that day. I've since learned how to "turtle" and I'm
having a lot more fun than when I was "rabbiting".
~ nmd~
Nick D'Amico Nick D'Amico

1st verse:
The little turtle crept up the hill. He slowly moved but never stood still.
The rabbit asked him "where does he go? And why he has to travel so slow?"
2nd verse:
A turtle doesn't need to go fast, but when he creeps he knows he can last.
He climbs the hill with dilligent stride to meet his lady turtle on the other side.
The turtle said "I'm Goin' Slow, I'm on my way.
The road is long and far away.
My lover, she waits for me today.
I know, I'm Goin' Slowly but I'm on my way.
3rd verse:
The rabbit dared the turtle to race and took off in a furious pace.
But soon his muscles ran out of zest, and so he stopped to take a short rest.
(repeat chorus)
4th verse:
The turtle slowly gained on the hare and shuffled past him as he stood there.
The foolish rabbit raced on aheard, but he could feel his legs were like lead.
5th verse:
So when he finally lost all his speed, the rabbit knew he wouldn't succeed,
And as he tripped and fell to the ground, the little turtle's footsteps were the only sound.
(repeat chorus)
6th verse:
So on behalf of turtles who win, I'd like to say the verdict is in.
Just take it slow, you people out there, unless you'd like to be like the hare.
(repeat chorus twice)...

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Nick D'Amico
Nick D'Amico, piano & all keyboards, marimba, flute, drums & percussion, vocals
Diane Burt, vocals
Alan Corretti, clarinet & alto sax
Andrea Della Santina, percussion
Tusi Fetuso, percussion
George Foster, tenor trombone
Stuart Gatz, electric guitar
Carl Langer, oboe
Alejandro Mendosa, trumpet
Umberto Ortiz, acoustic bass, electric bass
Floyd Wright, baritone sax

Arranged and Produced by Nicola Marcello D'Amico
Chief Engineer: Howard Weiss