Original music and arrangement by Nicola Marcello D'Amico

This is an impromptu, introspective moment that happened at the piano just a month before this recording was completed. It was a melody that just came from a bit of a lonesome mood and the haunting motif which emerged unexpectedly turned into a latin-jazz performance. I didn't have the time to call a session for bass & drums and so I decided to play all the parts. It does really change moods dramatically but that's the mood I was in and it seemed to have to just come out of me in that way. I returned to the misty ballad at the end. I let the mood dictate the subtle changes in tempo and the melody just wrote itself. Sometimes I wonder where the music comes from. The piano is a 6'8" Steinway which belonged to my father in law, Alfred S. Burt. It does give me cause for reverence since I know that all his great Christmas carols were first played on these keys. It's the Mecca of pianos to me and sometimes it feels like he's really listening.

Nick D'Amico, Piano, bass and drums

Evolution II - Download Album

Arranged and Produced by Nicola Marcello D'Amico
Chief Engineer: Howard Weiss