Music and Lyrics by Nicola Marcello D'Amico
This one was originally written for my mother. I wrote it after discovering she had an inoperable brain tumor. My big satisfaction today comes from knowing that I was actually able to sing this for her before she passed. After she was gone, it took me many years before I could sing this again. The world was a better place with her here and it is a better world because she was in it. I feel that there are people in this world who are really angels on earth. My wife, Diane, is my angel and this song is dedicated to her. When you find your angel in life, the world becomes a better place. You go through all the good and bad together and, after some time goes by, you realize how truly blessed you are. This song is for all the lucky ones who find their angel.

When I look back at all the hard times that I knew
I can't believe I would have made it without you
Your inspiration is what keeps my spirit new
These have been The Best Years of my life
When I was troubled, you were there to take my side
You always spoke the truth while all the others lied
You made me happy when my hope had almost died
These have been The Best Years of my life
And we had the best time together
You always said, if there was something on my mind,
You'd try to understand, try to understand
And you can count on me to be there for you
In the night, in the darkness
Through the joy and the tears
If there's a heaven
where the faithful belong
I see that road ahead, the one you walked along
And we'll go on together, somewhere in a song
These have been The Best Years of my life
And we had the best time together
These have been The Best Years, both of us so happy
Both of us so honest, so peaceful and free
You took all The Best Years and gave each one to me

Evolution II - Download Album

Nick D'Amico, Piano & all keyboards, vibraphone, flute, drums, percussion, vocals
Diane Burt, vocals
Alan Corretti, clarinet
Andrea Della Santina, percussion
Donna Deussen, vocals
George Foster, tenor trombone
Stuart Gatz, electric guitar
Carl Langer, oboe
Phil Marcellino, baritone
Alejandro Mendosa, trumpet
Umberto Ortiz, acoustic bass
Leslie Soultanian, vocals
Floyd Wright, baritone sax

Arranged and Produced by Nicola Marcello D'Amico
Chief Engineer: Howard Weiss