Music and English lyrics by Nicola Marcello D'Amico
Italian lyrics by Alberto Testa

In 1963 I wrote a song entitled "And Now You're Gone" about a girl who broke my heart.  It was recorded at Gold Star Studios
in Hollywood and I had the pleasure to work with Doc Seigal on that recording. It was just a demo but the song was often performed
live in concerts during the 1970's. In 1982, while I was preparing to record my first concerto for piano and orchestra, my mother
introduced me to her friend Alberto Testa, a fabulous Italian lyricist who had made his mark in music with many successful recordings,
including the big 50's latin hit, "Quando, Quando, Quando". I was playing at a local club in Beverly Hills and my mother came in one
night with a group of friends that included Alberto. At a certain point, I was performing some original compositions and I sang the
song "And Now You're Gone". Alberto loved the song and asked me if he could take a stab at writing a lyric for it in Italian. I told
him I would be honored to have him write an Italian version and thus he went home to work on it. Weeks later, I saw Alberto at a
party my mom was having at the beach and he handed me the finished lyrics and said "Nicola, I'm sorry if my words aren't good
enough, but I tried and this is the best I could do". I read through the lyrics that he had written and I was so impressed I couldn't
wait to tell Alberto it was really great and that I was going to record this version. I think these words capture the meaning and feeling
of the music and I am so eternally grateful Alberto took the time to make this contribution to the work.

I didn't see the tears upon your face
I never understood how a warm embrace
ever could have filled this empty space
and I never realized what life could be
I only thought the love that you had for me
was a mere impossibility
And Now You're Gone

Vai, Vai, Vai
Puoi portarti via quella cosa che
somiglia a una bugia
Vai, Vai, Vai
Non pensare a me,
presto volerò

No, non è colpa tua se sei così
ho sbagliato io, questo si,
lasciandoti arrivare fino qui

Per te l'amore è come un gioco
che si fa
per divertirsi un poco, fin che va
ma tanto prima o dopo tornerà
la libertà!

Evolution II - Download Album

Nick D'Amico, Piano & all keyboards, vibraphone,percussion, vocals
Diane Burt, vocals
Andrea Della Santina, percussion
Stuart Gatz, electric guitar
Umberto Ortiz, acoustic bass

Arranged and Produced by Nicola Marcello D'Amico
Chief Engineer: Howard Weiss